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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Satan Claws

Check out the website above. Take it was a heavy dose of salt and msg (probably pepper too to dumb down the strong aftertaste).

Christians have been guilty of fanaticism since the dawn of Christendom. Is there a line to be drawn between?

I guess, our beliefs have always been shaped by our culture. Culture, likewise has also changed religion (and Christianity). Can there truely be a 'purist' Christian? Or are we to forever wallow in ambiguity of the religion and culture debate?

How far do we dwell in doctrine before we become like the pharisee's of old, who new the law insideout but knew Jesus not? How much do we dwell in being lost the Christ's Love that we dis-associate ourselves from the world around us and alienate it.

Is there a balance? How does one achieve that?

I posit 4 things to balance:

1.) To be immersed in Christ's Love like a Child
2.) To do the works that He has placed before us to discipline and nuture us
3.) To feed up the Word and to learn His ways (Doctrine)
4.) To fellowship with other believers to strengthen the bonds. (For a cord of 3 strands is not easily broken)

To be over indulgent in anyone is to fall to extremism? Perhaps this is the simplest 4 checklist of things to identify if you are leading a balanced spiritual life. I don't know... I'm just writing my thots...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

we should put pictures of our collective 6 kittykats !!!!

3:24 pm

Blogger XPeriment-626 said...

Actually, it's easy for us to look at this and say it's just alarmist extermism. However, if we look at what goes on in the U.S. in terms of the Christmas "traditions" being a mix of religious and secular practices, it can be quite easy for people to forget the true meaning of Christmas. In fact, much of this kind of "anti-Santa, anti-25th december etc" literature is really a backlash against the commercial, self-centred contemporary religious holiday that Christmas has become in the United States. While we certainly do not have as bad a situation in Singapore (I WISH WE HAD SNOW!!!) we ought not to react to it purely on our local circumstances but recognise who the literature is generally targetted towards (or against).

3:50 pm

Blogger adrian said...

Hi everyone :) This is Adrian from YCK here :)

Glancing through the article, I've noticed that the arguments written have based their points on anything and everything that can be linked to debunking Santa. I'm not taking a side here, but its important to take note that we live in a post-modern world where everything can be anything that you make it out to be... eg, I've once heard a pastor turn the classic Jack & Jill nursery rhyme into a Christian story in jest!

Lastly, I agree with what Jam's suggestions in keeping a balance though I would like to add more to pt 3. Let's feed upon the Word by studying the Bible for what it is. Let's not read it through tinted glasses of our own perceptions in life. Also, let's focus our efforts on promoting & sharing the GOSPEL... for isn't that all we need to know for life?

Thx for reading/listening :)

8:22 am


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