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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Writing in Hebrew


I've just discovered a really cool add on for MS Outlook. Go to this site and follow the instructions:

Within minutes, you'll have your very own transliteration service FREE of charge. You can convert english text to Arabic, Hebrew, Cyrillic, Greek and Hindi.

Who needs James Bond...

If you something other than MS Outlook... uninstall your current email program and use Outlook!! HAHAHAHAHA I'm brainwashed... zombie zbomie bozmie miobez boizem

hَللُ hُw ارَ عُو؟יסנ'ת טיס טה צוולהסת טינג סינצה ספלית פהאס?
w'ο'σ υουρ νταντντυ!

yओउ अरए तओ बए ओwइनग मए ओनए मइललइओन दओललअरस

ёу аре оне фине лоокинг бабушка!


Have fun!! - Jam


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