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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Announcing the arrival of...

...a brand new year! And as is our traditional practice, Agapella is taking a few weeks off to pray and reflect on where we’ve come from, what we’ve done, and where God is taking us.

So in the meantime, all our gigs will be taken over by our sister group!!! Yes, fresh from the suburbs of Mumbai, here to bring you uplifting lyrics, messages of divine love, modulatedly mellow melodies and the pounding pounding rhythms of South Asia – it’s BHANGRAPELLA!!!

Back row: Shah Rukh Tan (baritone/tenor/tiffin i.c.), Shermaniam (tenor/conductor), Arun (tenor/treasurer), Juniyaan (bass/baritone), Staan (bass), Jaam (bass/vocal tabla)

Centre row: Theena (alto/soprano), Nameen Kaur (soprano/choreographer), Umma (mezzo soprano), Avreela (soprano/conductor)

Front row: Simonna (alto), Gilli (alto), Dorcaaz (alto)


Anonymous Aargafella said...

Krish, this is simply bad mad genius you!!

Oh and sign me up for whatever tiffin is on the schedule-- and please make sure the curry is in the bottom tin only, not like last time (very messy).

4:52 pm

Anonymous simoneghita d/o krishnan said...

Junyan looks..looks...GORGEOUS!!

7:25 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh NO!!
our 'long-lost' sisters look so much like us..
AND prettier?!!

10:40 pm

Blogger XPeriment-626 said...

I know I'm gorgeous. Earrings are so my kind of accessory!

11:38 am

Anonymous Jam said...

Hmm... I think Jaam is an alien... (s)he's got 6 fingers and a thumb on the left hand...

evidence that aliens are behind bollywood, banghra and everything with cumin in it!!!!!!!!

Runaway runaway

10:42 am


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