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Monday, July 14, 2008

It's Fun to Sing @ the Y-M-C-A!

Agapella's performed in many a places from homes to hotels, on sidewalks and streetcorners, in and around mazes (see previous entry) and from grand ballrooms to humble hallways of prisons. We've sung there, hummed that. But on 4th July, it was an intimate rooftop gig under the stars right down town! Pure chill, honest and unpretentious. ..not that the group can be otherwise. Ahem.

We wanna say thanks to the 200+ friends and friends of friends who thronged Blue Moo at the rooftop of YMCA Orchard. You were a fantastic audience that Friday night and we hope you were blessed because you came.

We've also realised that Facebook's a great way to disseminate news of our gigs, so if you haven't joined Agapella on FB, what are you waitin' for?! An invite? :o) Just do a search on our name and voila! We've got some hilarious photos of us posted in our album on FB. Check it out dudes/dudettes!

So see you online and at our upcoming gigs down the road. Agapella blessings to all!


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