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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Gilly Wedding Photo


Anonymous captain vegetable said...

Note - that is not Boon, that is the page boy.

9:21 am

Blogger ms. potato-head said...

hehe. and the damsel in distress looks strangely happy

2:41 pm

Blogger pify said...

Aye aye Capt'n. We may be in need of your creative services (non-culinary) to do a publicity poster for the Esplanade gig. That's cos we still don't have a professional group photo to furnish the organisers who want one. Would you have enough headshots? Erm...of our members I mean to, put them all into one picture poster?

2:58 pm

Anonymous captain vegetable said...

yep - see our bio...
what size and res image do they need for the whole poster? let's shift this topic to our group email pliz...

12:56 am


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