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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

AGAPELLA's back!

Renewed, refreshed, bigger and even better than before! We praise the Lord for picking four new members to join our team. We'll be bringing you a new sound... so look out for our next gig!


Anonymous Jam said...

Holeee canoleee batman! it's a big group WOW it's a big group this year. We're missing Dorcas in the pic, but she'll be back in the 3rd Qtr of the year.

10:25 am

Anonymous Aargafella said...

Yeah... the sound's definitely gonna be different from anything we've had so far. From what I've heard at Sunday's practice... I'm liking it! :)

Dorcas, all the best for your final year of studies. We're missing you... you're not allowed to join an Aussie acappella group and fail to return!

12:39 pm

Anonymous captain vegetable said...

Aw - this doesn't mean Bhangrapella can't still perform, right?

12:36 am


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