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Monday, May 21, 2007

AGAPELLA @ The National Stadium on Sun, 27th June

AGAPELLA looks forward to this Sunday with much eagerness in anticipation of our vocal support and participation at this year's Global Day of Prayer (GDOP) proceedings at the National Stadium. Now in its second year, GDOP attracted some 25,000 believers last year and seeks to surpass last year's mark. But mightier than sheer numbers is the power of prayer to a living God Who hears and answers; prayers for Repentence, Reconciliation and Restoration - the themes weaving across families, Church and nation.

Come join Agapella at the National Stadium this Sunday from 7pm for this powerful gathering. Agapella will be providing back-up vocals and harmonies to worship leader Clement Chow. Come, sing and pray with us for the nations!


Blogger Wilson Tan said...

it was a great experience for me at GDOP too! Great work guys and gals! It's always great to see people of God to gather in one place and pray! Amazing!

2:44 pm


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