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Friday, December 22, 2006

After the Esplanade gig...

We thank God for a wonderful gig at the Esplanade Concourse on Wednesday! Despite the late start due to some technical issues, a few members who weren't feeling their best, and having to occasionally compete with the warning bell from the Theatre and Concert Hall, the audience enjoyed the carols and other pieces, and we too enjoyed the evening tremendously =) Thank you to the responsive audience, and to all the family and friends who came down specially to show their support and encouragement - we were so blessed to be able to share the Christmas story with all of you in song :) -dorcas


Anonymous z3120 said...

my gf and I were in esplanade when Agapella performed, we were there for both session, really enjoyed and were blessed by the performance. It's not only because of the songs and the voices, but also by the genuine expression you all showed.

btw... does agapella happen to have any recording already in the market or any plan to have one ?

all the best and have a blessed Christmas

11:55 pm

Blogger pify said...

hi z3120,

tks for your note. glad to be a blessing to u both that nite! what you said aptly sums up Agapella - being transparent in testifying to Love, of who God is.

funny u asked abt recordings, because God willing, that's going to be in the works in 2007. a major project for us for a debut recording.

watch this space later next year, and sooner, for news of upcoming gigs in the new year.

blessings ~ Stan

2:59 pm

Anonymous Mindy said...

Oh hi Agapella! Just wanted to tell you I took some shots of you that night and you're free to have them if you want. Haha (:

Heh. I know it's a lil late! But hope you like them all the same. God bless!

The first photo starts from

1:51 pm


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