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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Coming Soon To A TV Near You!

The current television season's biggest breakout hit, SAVED is a thrilling new susptragidramedy series that examines all the great questions of life: who are we? why are we here? where do all my other socks go? Filmed in the luxurious tropical settings of Mount Faber View and Queensway, SAVED chronicles the adventures of a plucky group of survivors of an airplane crash on a mysterious island. Armed only with their wits, their courage, and some not particularly attractive inflight slipperettes, they band together to form an acappella group, knowing that in the face of an uncertain future, mysterious noises in the undergrowth, and a rapidly dwindling supply of chicken or beef, the one thing most crucial to their survival is - harmony.

NB: I do not know who the tall guy in the centre is, he wasn't there when I took the photo. And Averil is not in it as she is on duty inside the hatch pressing the button.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's showing 3am every Thriday on Ch 2109. You are NOT ALLOWED to miss it! (Or at least tape it and watch later, lah!)

10:47 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooo! i liiiike my hair!!

- who else would it be

12:40 pm

Anonymous Anonymous said...

and aargafella you should consider going for a race change, lei


12:41 pm

Anonymous aargafella said...

i look the coolest

9:50 pm


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