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Monday, April 17, 2006

Easter Gig

So yesterday, we were supposed to have a grand day out in the sun... rained made sure our plans changed.

So instead we all camped over at our house and watched a replay of our concert. We laughed at each other and our quirks, cringed at a couple of points but all in all, we all agreed that it was an amazing concert (especially for all the newbies who had their first full-on concert).

But later, we spoke about how the concert had impacted people and it was amazing. There was more than a few accounts of how the evening had touched people and saw them reaching to Christ.

This is the mission of Agapella for sure... but it never fails to impress me when God takes control and uses it to draw souls... I was completely amazed at all the accounts of being saved...



Anonymous captain vegetable said...

I have to say, this has probably been my most meaningful Easter ever. Watching God take our offerings of hay and spin them into gold was completely awe- and humility-inspiring. Agapella will not be the same - in a good way! - after this!

5:23 pm

Blogger pify said...

To God be the Glory! Can't wait for the next amazing work He'll do thru Agapella! What a blessing to be an instrument and vessel filled for His use.

8:55 am

Anonymous Aargafella said...

This was probably one of my most meaningful Easters too. Am so blessed and happy to be serving with each of you-- my co-ministers of the eternal Word of Truth!

4:47 pm


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