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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Talking about God

What do you think:

Theology is talk about God. But how can God ever be described or discussed using human language? Wittgenstein made this point forcefully: if human words are incapable of describing the distinctive aroma of coffee, how can they cope with something as subtle as God?
- Alistair McGrath summarizes Ludwig Wittgenstein (Christian Theology February 27th, 2006)

My view is-- well, if we don't know how to talk about God, at least we can sing about Him! : )
- Aargafella


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess it's worth accepting that human language, and our very imaginations, are simply incapable of describing God. Attempting to describe his dwelling-place alone (and go further than the usual clouds-and-cherubs ideal) is really a stretch in itself..
Our hampered ability to describe it, however, is hardly compatible with the desperate yearning that every soul has for this something that is so absolutely intangible and indescribable. And yet, so real. it's the...watchcallit? ah, yes...God-shaped hole in all of us. doo-doo-doo-doo.


11:17 pm

Anonymous captain vegetable said...

If humans, having once sampled the distinctive flavour of coffee, can become so easily addicted to its ineffable aroma, how much more would a single, subtle taste of the real God inspire a lifelong craving for Him?

9:22 pm

Anonymous Aargafella said...

Cap, that's a profound metaphor (with more than a smidgen of truth in it). However like coffee drinkers, some are true connoisseurs and some find themselves drinking every beverage they come across. Many also content themselves with the inferior stuff.

11:31 am

Anonymous captain vegetable said...

there are many coffee substitutes, which may offer quick highs, emotional buzz, and short-lived apparent euphoria - but there is only one true bean?

11:01 pm

Blogger Wilson Tan said...

a God-shaped bean?

9:42 pm


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