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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

When God Ran

Here's a thoughtful article about the theme of the Prodigal Son as featured in Benny Hester's "When God Ran", the longest running No. 1 Christian song of all time. Stick around a bit -- you might hear AGAPELLA perform this awesome song! :) -Aargafella

“When God Ran”by Garry Lovette, Senior Editor, Common Ground Christian News

Change is very difficult for most people. We get into our daily routines and get very comfortable sometimes with them. Many times God wants to shake us and move us into a fresh, new direction, but because we are human and most times lethargic, we fail to listen to His still small voice telling us to “turn and go a different route”. Such has been the case with me lately.

Upon entering the years of middle age, (I won’t tell you when that was), I discovered that life took on a whole new meaning. I for the first time began to ask very poignant questions to myself such as: “What have I done with my life up to this point? Have I made a difference in someone’s life? Have I done what God has wanted me to up to this point?”

Many of the answers that I had to honestly give made me sad and ashamed. Add to all of this pondering the realization that I just haven’t really been where I need to be with my relationship with God and you get the picture.

That’s when God ran.

I never really grasped the full gravity of those words that I heard in a song back in the 1970’s. I always loved the song “When God Ran” that Benny Hester wrote and even loved it more when Phillips, Craig & Dean released it again a few years ago…But it didn’t really hit home with me until I really needed Him. He didn’t hesitate; he didn’t take His time, but He RAN.

God ran to me with open, loving arms and let me know that He was and is in total control of my life and my situations. How sweet it was to rest in his arms knowing that He loved me unconditionally and was just waiting for me to spend time with Him and ask His forgiveness. He’s only a prayer away, and many times we forget that.

If you are in a similar or some other desperate situation, God will run to you, too. Since He is no respecter of persons, He is just waiting for you to say, “Daddy God, I need you!” He will be right there…you can count on it!

I want to leave you with the chorus to this wonderful, powerful song. Be blessed in Jesus’ name!

Almighty God, The Great I Am,
Immoveable Rock, Omnipotent powerful,
Awesome Lord, Victorious Warrior,
Mighty Conqueror, Commanding King of Kings
And the only time, the only time I ever saw Him run
Was when He ran to me,
Took me in His arms,
Held my head to His chest,
And said, “My son’s come home again”.
Looked in my face, wiped the tears from my eyes
With forgiveness in His voice
He said, “Son, do you know I still love you?”
It caught me by surprise, When God ran.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

And it isn't just about His love, but also His absolute humility (definitely not separate entities..but still). I believe in the cultural context, it was considered undignified for the man of the house to run....and here we have a story of God running, arms outstretched...and we come to see how our ideas about our own dignity and self-worth are possibly quite silly.

11:52 pm

Anonymous Aargafella said...

True-- the image of the Father running to see his returning son certainly presents a new dimension to the common perception that God is a wrathful bearded old guy hurling lightning bolts at anyone who thinks a bad thought. He is heartbroken at humanity's wilful disobedience and is always making the first move for reconciliation. Any of us who's similarly heartbroken about a poor or severed relationship with a loved one can be inspired by this image.

3:19 pm

Blogger dorcas said...

I love the words of this song!! (although i must admit that i really can't remember how the tune goes..) But absolately so glad you guys are trying to tackle it - thanks, ucn, for scoring it!! =)

2:19 pm


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