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Monday, June 05, 2006

What's LOVE got to do with it?

There was lotsa love shared at last Fri & Sat's back-to-back gigs at Youth For Christ's HQ at Geylang. Thank God for the young and enthusiastic team that staged the event and also for Agapella's small contribution to the programme line-up. Thinking back, it's amazing how God had placed in our repertoire three songs about Love, which was incidentally the theme of the evangelistic gatherings - "Where Is The Love/If This World", "Love Song" and "God So Loved The World"!

The weather was perfect both evenings so we didn't get wet standing right on the ground level of the air well in the carpark. It's always a marvel how God uses insignificant people to be a sounding gong for Him. It was also heartening to know that Emmanuel House sits on a plot of land in Geylang that's almost over run by temples and other religious buildings. May it continue to be a lighthouse shining brightly in the darkness. Likewise, we in the little nooks and crannies God has placed us.

Uma/Amanda, thanks for the sandwiches you lovingly prepared for the group on the second night. Simone, thanks for representing us earlier for prayer on Friday.

Can't wait for our next gig. Let's wait on the Master Scheduler. ~ pify


Blogger Roy said...

Thanks for the partnership with Garage! :)

9:30 am

Anonymous aargafella said...

Oh-- Nam and I are most sorry to have missed the gig! Praise the Lord for His grace, and may He continue to bless the ministry of YFC. The youth need Jesus!

10:17 am


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