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Thursday, November 23, 2006

M-Pact meets Agapella!

Who would have thought we'd literally share the stage with M-Pact one day? That day was realised last night at the Singapore Art Cafe at the Library @ Esplanade. At the kind invitation of owner Jonathan How, Agapella leapt at the opportunity to share our brand of music with what was a warm audience, a crowd of no more than 40 people and the guys of M-Pact. Thanks to Sherm who had painstakingly transcribed "De King is Born Today" (an M-Pact piece!) many days ago, we were able to give back to group what they'd given to us. They were pretty amused and appreciative because they don't often get to hear their songs coming back at them, what with a female lead. I'm sure we did it decently enough because Uma (our cool diva of a soloist) came out of that piece unscathed and unharmed. [Disclaimer: We weren't restraining M-Pact from coming at her.]

We loved the four pieces they shared ahead of their concert this Sunday. Looking forward to it!

We hope you're also looking forward to Agapella's Christmas gigs. Details will be posted here soon, so make sure you come right back here!

~ Stanafella


Anonymous captain vegetable said...

oh MAN i can't BELIEVE I wasn't there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:57 pm

Anonymous Aargafella said...

Not to worry my fren... Take-6 will be here in March next year-- so we can do the 'fan club thingy' all over again! :)

5:24 pm


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