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Thursday, October 23, 2008

One moment in time

Like, I am not excitable, oh man I can't believe you said that Stan like i'm soooo not excitable I'M NOT EXCITABLE!!!!!
*calms down*
Anyway, Agapella have achieved a historic achievement in their history; our 100th encountered flavour of Pocky has been consumed!

In the past month we have sampled:
Basil Pretz
Pumpkin Pretz
Mikan Pocky
Chocolate Cookie Crush Pocky
**100th**Butter Cookie Crush Pocky **100th**
Katayaki Pretz Cheddar Cheese
Dessert Pocky Monburan
Dessert Pocky Chocolate Cake


Blogger Janice said...

wow!!!! 100th!!!! congrats!! wahahah =p

BTW, tried to locate agapella on facebook, but couldn...advise? =) tks!

11:19 pm

Blogger Stan said...

Hey Janice,

Join Agapella on Facebook at:

8:25 am


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