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Monday, December 29, 2008

Pictorial goodness from the Esplanade, 2008

Hey there everybody, here are some fabulous photos from our Esplanade gigs this year! Courtesy of Wilson, our official pastor/ phototaker/ board games supplier. :-)

Agapellumna TIna rejoined us for the Christmas season!

Stan likes to point at things.

Dorcas sings with hou tor fee ling.

"Wait a second - that wasn't a camel! That was Nam!"


Blogger Wilson Tan said...

What a joy to see these photos edited and presented in such humorous manner! Kudos to captain vegetables!

4:24 pm

Blogger Stan said...

Sorry but I really can't help pointing! It started way back when I was knee high and everything just fascinated me. They still do, especially that star we've got to follow!

Wil, tks for the shots! Chris, thanks for being a hotshot with the shots!

8:15 am


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