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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

There's a Song in the Air!

A year ago on New Year's eve, Agapella still hadn't thought out how 2009 would be. In fact, this year had been one that we set forth into with little direction, vague ideas and much anxiety - not a very safe place to begin. Agapella began the year without a musical director and very quickly, God moved a couple of fearless females to step up because He'd given them musical training and a keener grasp of music in general. Where gaps started to show, other members would step in and plug it. God was the glue of the group, not any one member.

Agapella Reflections on 2009:
- Only God knew we'd stage two sold-out evenings of concerts in July at the NAFA Lee Foundation Theatre! (above)
- Only He foresaw we'd have five more members by year's end.
- No one but Him would have paved the way for us to carol in the Singapore Botanic Gardens the weekend before Christmas.
- It was also this same God who tested our faith when the clouds rolled in that weekend and perfectly timed them to blow over the lawns in front of the Shaw Foundation Symphony Stage when it was 'show' time.

What a mighty God we serve and sing of! All glory to Him!

On the eve of another year, we have some hazy ideas, we have some things on the 'to do' list, but we're not going to fret because we can plan all we can, but God is ultimately in the director's chair and calling the shots. We're not sitting idle for we know the guy up there ain't!

There's much to be done in 2010 and we pray God will allow us more opportunities to touch many more lives, the way He has these last 7 years.

When you have a God Who's such an awesome God, there's always a song in the air!

May God grant you a harmonious New Year!
~ love from all @ AGAPELLA


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