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Monday, October 05, 2009

...and there was TWENTY!

Agapella just got a shot in the arm!

We're not talking vaccinations, but a boost of a different sort. Most evidently, we've grown numerically from just over a dozen to 20 members. After a month of prayer and seeking the Lord's direction, Agapella decided to expand, roping in 7 new vocalists (Brenda, Daniel Loke, Don, Grace, Josiah, Lily and Nina) and a new sound engineer, Daniel Loh. Look and listen out for the new faces and voices of Agapella later this year.

With the significant increase in size and the biggest single intake, it necessitated a bigger rehearsal space. Agapella is amazed and grateful how God provides in His perfect timing when the need arises. Even though we didn't think of the repercussions of growing the size of the group (where we'd rehearse), God thought of it for us and directed Aaron to the 'promised land'. He added to our numbers, He's led us to a space we could use, and we know He'll continue to lead us along, despite how sharp and blind those corners may be.

We're all excited about how God will shape the future of Agapella and continue to use Agapella to proclaim His name. May the music He gives us to sing be our passport to reaching out to the lost and searching.


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