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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Gig-Hunting Season's Started!

A note was blown and Agapella was off! Our 2009 season has officially begun!

We were invited to perform to a gathering of about 300 at the
Focus on The Family partnership dinner at the Meritus Mandarin ballroom last week.
More than just being the kickstarter for the year, it was a first in many other ways:
(i) we had a new pitch or the person who blows our starting note on the pitch pipe
(ii) we didn't have our regular sound engineer with us
(iii) we were doing songs with the absence of two former rock-solid members
(Sherm & Ave, we miss you lots - as if they didn't know!)

But thank God for His grace and sustenance. We pulled it off only because it was a gig we had entrusted Him on high to pull us through. There will be many more such moments for us to tap on His grace so we may bless those whom He'll bring us to cross paths with this year.

Agapella's next gig will be happening during Passion Week at a local church
in the southwest of the island.

Visit our homepage for more details!


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