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Friday, June 26, 2009

So You Think WE Can Dance?

Dance can cause instant paralysis...especially if you've never been comfortable with body movements and physical expressions beyond a smile and a wave. But come July and for two nights only, you bet Agapella will be putting her best feet forward.

"Errr...left or right first ah?"

Thanks to Namiko and Jameson, the group's been learning steps that would make the amateur dancer giddy, muddled and begging for a foot reflexology. But we just want to thank God for the 'movers' among us who get us jiggin' and jivin'. We truly have our work cut out for us, and we ain't talkin' about just singin' anymore!

"Anyone has a plaster for my blister?!"

With a little bit more coaching and a whole lot more prayer, this traditionally 'non-dancy' group will be showing you some slick moves you've never before seen in past Agapella gigs.

"So YOU think WE can dance?"

Come find out on the footloose nights of 10th & 11th July at "SEVEN @ 8"!


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