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Friday, April 02, 2010

AGAPELLA@Cherith Baptist Church

Agapella is honoured to have been invited to perform at Cherith Baptist Church (89 Serangoon Garden Way) for this year's Good Friday.

This year, in line with the theme of the service, "The Day God Died", Agapella rendered breathtaking performances of both crowd-pleasers like Amazing Love, When God Ran and We Are the Reason (sans 'silent night'), as well as the heart-wrenching Via Dolorosa and Who Am I. In addition, this performance also showcased our very own sound engineer, Daniel Loh, in his debut number with Who Am I, singing a duet alongside Aaron. We are indeed blessed with multitalents!

This being our first time performing the song Who Am I, popularised by the Christian band Casting Crowns, we were apprehensive about singing it. This was not alleviated by the fact that our original soloist, Don, had fallen ill and was unable to perform at Cherith Baptist. However, after much tweaking and human relations (persuading's not an easy task!), we managed to get Daniel Loh to step up to the plate. All glory to God for His provision and guidance!

Following Agapella's performance, there was a sermon preached by speaker Rev. Lam, who shared about how Jesus came to die upon the cross, and of His love for us. The sermon left many of us touched by the extent of God's love for us, that He would allow His only begotten Son to die a sinner's death to give us a righteous man's life. We ended off the service with the song Now Unto Him, as a final closure to this year's Good Friday.

Following today's successful performance, we look forward to many more opportunities to showcase God's glory and love to all of you again! Agapella wishes you a happy Easter, and a heartfelt God Bless.


Blogger Stan said...

Our sound engineers are really versatile! Beyond just managing the sound board, Ernest too showed flashes of brilliance as a news presenter with 'breaking news'! Amazing talent in front and behind the sound board guys!

7:45 am


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