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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Christmas time

It's Christmas time!
What do you want for Christmas? BTW, this is in no way a hint for people to get gifts for anyone... it's just purely for fun.

Just for fun here's my list of one 'want' from the following categories:

1.) Object
2.) Personal improvement
3.) For someone else
4.) For many people

My list:

1.) Xbox 360
2.) Xbox 360 games so I can improve my reflexes.
3.) a second controller for Xbox 360 so that person can play with me
4.) many controllers for Xbox 360 so that many people can play!!!

ok ok

really really.

1.) Xbox 360 (really! ;) )
2.) Re-learning discipline
3.) Tina's mom to get well
4.) Agapella to get start off next year with a big bang!


Anonymous captain vegetable said...

1) Tabletop ice cream maker with integral freezing unit. (pipe dream lor)
2) That my hair would get thicker instead of thinner.
3) That a particular friend would come to know God.
4) That the bird flu pandemic does not happen!

and world peace. :-)

9:34 am

Blogger ms. potato-head said...

1) no exams.
2) no exams.
3) no exams.

world peace... and no exams.

10:48 pm


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