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Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Sound of Silence

Thank you for visiting Agapella's blog. Forgive us for being largely 'silent' on the virtual front, but be rest assured Agapella has been the least bit silent on the vocal front, albeit behind the scenes. The journey towards producing our debut album began in earnest 4 months ago. Since then, almost every weekend's been set aside for practices on Saturday mornings and recordings that stretch from mid afternoon to late in the evening on Sundays. The long hours in the studio that we put in (some more than others, namely our vocal leaders, Sherman & Averil, whom we truly appreciate for their dedication and sacrifice) have been slightly behind schedule. But by God's grace, we know He Who began this good work through us will enable us to see it to completion. Two more songs to record and a new phase of publicity, promotions and marketing kicks in.

Individually, God has been blessing each member. Notable episodes of His bountiful providence and empowerment have been seen in the lives of Aaron (a successful launch of his 2nd publication - a collection of poems titled "Five Right Angles") and Namiko (completion of her paintings for her "Parables" exhibition that opens at the Esplanade on 23rd July, thereafter at Fost Gallery from 2nd Aug). We also marvel at God's hand of protection upon Jameson who walked away from a traffic accident with superficial scratches while his colleague just inches away is still in the intensive care unit at the hospital. The angels and the rest of Agapella also rejoiced last Sunday on the joyous occasion of Simone's baptism. Through this period, God has also been faithful in equipping Sherman with a new set of wheels, Chris with a new publication, Averil and her family with a new abode and Uma with a new job.

God continues to be real and close to Agapella. May He be to you as He has been to us.

Meantime, we covet your prayers as we continue to put in hours at the recording studio. May the name of our Almighty God be lifted high through this project!


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