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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moving on to greener pastures

Last Sunday, Agapella bid a (week early) fond farewell to one of our members, Don Buo, who was one of the members to join Agapella after September 2009 auditions. The Filipino tenor is returning to his homeland, the Philippines, to serve in ministry there.

Don has been a wonderful, spiritual member from the get-go, and has blessed Agapella greatly with his vocals and cheerful attitude. And who can forget the number of times we've seen him with earphones plugged in, dilligently memorising his songs? Don has lent his vocals to one of Agapella's newest songs, Who Am I, originally sung by the Christian group Casting Crowns. This song, among others, has blessed many people in Agapella's latest performance for the St. Andrews' Autism Fundraising at the Shangri-La Island Ballroom that was held on Friday, 16 April.

Don will leave us on the 1st of May, but until then, we cherish every moment with a dear brother that has richly blest us throughout this season. No matter whether for a season or for seasons, God always brings people to bring out the best in us. We will miss you Don, but we wish you all the best, and not "goodbye" but "until next time"!


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