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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Christmus Agapellus

Agapella's apparent silence in 2011 must be deafening; barely a whisper nor whimper from us most year through. So on the first day of December 2011 and even as we countdown to Agapella's 9th Christmas season, it ought to be said that Agapella hasn't been all that silent.

You see...we've been spending some time in the studio. Need we tell you what comes out of those soundproof spaces. Yup, hang in there. We promise to make up for our relatively quieter year in the year ahead. More details in the coming months.

It'll be a low-key Christmas season this year because we've not had as much time to rehearse our Christmas repertoire due to rehearsals and recordings towards you-know-what. But we couldn't resist taking up a couple of intimate closed-door gigs with children as an audience. We know these kids are going to have a ball of a time and we're excited as well. We've also got plans to share our music with unsuspecting passersby and in places one least expects. Where we will be is anyone's guess.

Agapella's been privileged to have been invited by the Singapore Botanic Gardens to participate in decorating a tropical tree as part of the much-anticipated Trees of the World Light-Up. This event which will officially launched this Sat, 3 Dec 2011 will last till 1 Jan 2012. It's your chance to walk through the beautiful gardens and soak in a spectacle of tropical trees lining the footpaths. These trees are adorned with an array of ornaments decorated by various organisations and groups and will be lit up from this Saturday. If you're heading down, be sure to bring your camera and videocams!

Here's a sneak peek of the 'Christmus Agapellus' with the decor team comprising Brenda, Namiko, Uma, Dorcas, Dan, Ernest and Stanley with contributions and prayers by our other members.

More photos and updates on Agapella's Facebook page.