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Thursday, October 23, 2008

One moment in time

Like, I am not excitable, oh man I can't believe you said that Stan like i'm soooo not excitable I'M NOT EXCITABLE!!!!!
*calms down*
Anyway, Agapella have achieved a historic achievement in their history; our 100th encountered flavour of Pocky has been consumed!

In the past month we have sampled:
Basil Pretz
Pumpkin Pretz
Mikan Pocky
Chocolate Cookie Crush Pocky
**100th**Butter Cookie Crush Pocky **100th**
Katayaki Pretz Cheddar Cheese
Dessert Pocky Monburan
Dessert Pocky Chocolate Cake

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Shaping Up for Christmas

Sorry for the quietness after one excitable member got into a frenzy in posting of our Pocky infatuation here.

We're getting into shape (vocally, not physically the way we're consuming pockys by the cartons!) for the Christmas season that kicks off next month for us. As with previous years, Agapella will be performing at both public and private gigs. Our performing schedule for the year-end season will be uploaded onto our website soon so please click on 'gigs' at

Watch this space for more news in due course! Meantime, we're all well. Congrats to Colin & Uma for the arrival of a bundle of joy late last month! Another Agapellet! Oh and yet another is in the workshop and we should take delivery of it early next year. Who says we've not been productive this year?!