Contemporary Christian Acappella Vocal Band from Singapore!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Agapella's gonna get bigger!

As you know, Agapella is a ministry. Our heart is to share God's truth and love whereever we go… and a cappella music is a great way of doing that!

We’ve been so blessed by your encouragement, support, prayers and partnership over the past 7 years. We now want to invite you to consider joining Agapella as we expand the ministry and go to new places, meet new people, sing new songs and do new things!

If the Lord is leading you to consider a cappella ministry with us, we want to hear from you! (And if you still have no idea what we do, come hear and meet us at our anniversary concert on 10, 11 July). And send us an email too: agapella(at)gmail(dot)com. We’re excited to see where God is leading us next!

Friday, June 26, 2009

So You Think WE Can Dance?

Dance can cause instant paralysis...especially if you've never been comfortable with body movements and physical expressions beyond a smile and a wave. But come July and for two nights only, you bet Agapella will be putting her best feet forward.

"Errr...left or right first ah?"

Thanks to Namiko and Jameson, the group's been learning steps that would make the amateur dancer giddy, muddled and begging for a foot reflexology. But we just want to thank God for the 'movers' among us who get us jiggin' and jivin'. We truly have our work cut out for us, and we ain't talkin' about just singin' anymore!

"Anyone has a plaster for my blister?!"

With a little bit more coaching and a whole lot more prayer, this traditionally 'non-dancy' group will be showing you some slick moves you've never before seen in past Agapella gigs.

"So YOU think WE can dance?"

Come find out on the footloose nights of 10th & 11th July at "SEVEN @ 8"!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Agapella On The Airwaves!

Thanks for tracking Agapella's progress as SEVEN@8 comes into view...just over 2 weeks away! The all important question: "Have you gotten your tickets?!" We'd ask you that question even if tickets weren't moving, but in this instance, we're asking you the question because THEY ARE and we still want you to get decent seats.

Waste no more time; click on SISTIC (hyperlinked here for your convenience) to book your seats now!


938LIVE >>> Thursday, 25th June, 10.45am - 11am in "The Living Room", hosted by Pamela Ho. (Repeat b'cast from 10.40pm - 11pm that same evening)

Gold 90FM >>> Friday, 26th June, between 7pm & 7.30pm on "The HomeStretch" hosted by Denise Tan and Tim Oh.

You might also have heard mention of our concert on Symphony 92.4FM.

Here's a photo taken during our recording with Gold 90FM over the past weekend.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Countdown to "SEVEN@8"

Agapella is in the thick of things with rehearsals doubled. Everyone's just excited about staging one BIG show next month (10th & 11th July) and we really want you to enjoy the music God's enabled us to make. Bought your tickets yet? Good seats going fast! The planning phase has given way to execution.

Just for the record and so you know we haven't been sitting on our bums and twiddling our fingers, here are some shots from our site visit to the Lee Foundation Theatre at NAFA and our first technical meeting over Indonesian fare. Who says we can't work over food?!

Publicity is also in full swing.
Here're some avenues that have plugged our gig for us:
- TimeOut Singapore
- The A Cappella Society
- A Cappella SOUNDS
- CreateleVoyage
- Symphony 92.4FM
Akan Datang:
- Channel NewsAsia
- Gold 90FM